The Sunscreen Personality Guide – Find A Sun Protector For Yourself!

Some of us worship the sun. Some of us avoid it. So which fascinating sun-loving (or -hating) specimen are you?


THE HELIOPHOBE: She stocks up on SPF130, picks up the wide-brimmed hats on sale at Forever 21, religiously reads articles on the effects on sun damage, and owns a pair of arm socks to use every day.

#teamCLEO says:
The sun is still your friend! With preventive measures, you can and should be going out into the sun every day for your daily dose of Vitamin D (just make sure to reapply every two hours). Sunlight also does wonders for your mood – can you imagine being stuck in dull and dreary weather?

THE GENETICALLY BLESSED: “Why mess with perfection?” She says (although probably not so blatantly as she doesn’t want everyone to hate her). Her complexion is seemingly flawless, so she doesn’t really see the need to layer on SPF as religiously.

#teamCLEO says:
Why play complexion roulette when you can preserve what you’ve got? Nowadays, it’s hard to find make-up which doesn’t already have SPF properties. Also, just because your skin isn’t burning, doesn’t mean it’s not getting damaged !

THE TANNER: How many times has she said she loves the sun? Or made excuses to throw down a mat and bake in the unforgiving rays? To her, global warming sounds like a blessing, and she’s constantly planning her next trip to Perhentian to get three tones darker.

#teamCLEO says:
There’s no doctor that’s going to endorse sunbathing – while we’re all for catching some rays, laying out to bake yourself probably isn;t the best idea. If you do want a little colour, just make sure to reapply, reapply and reapply (your sunblock) – and for goodness sake, whatever happens, don’t fall asleep in the sun.

THE WORKAHOLIC: She leaves the house before sunrise, spends all day at the computer, orders in for lunch, and returns back to the comfort of her home ways past seven o’clock. She doesn’t buy sunscreen because she thinks she doesn’t need it.

#teamCLEO says:
Wrong, wrong, wrongs! UV rays can penetrate everything from office to car windows, and is still dangerous. At the very least, try a tinted moisturiser with SPF to avoid another step in your beauty routine.