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The Travel Diary Of The CHANEL Fall/Winter 2017 Makeup Collection

“You can be inspired by a photograph that already exists, but creating your own inspiration gives another dimension to the process – it gets much more exciting…” – Lucia Pica

To find inspiration for the Fall / Winter Makeup Collection, Lucia Pica – CHANEL Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer – embarked on a Californian road trip. Her idea was startling in its simplicity: to experience afresh the lights and colors of the outside world, creating a complete starting point for her creative process. From the dawn mists and sundappled coastline to the City Lights and gritty noir of downtown LA, Lucia Pica embraced the serendipitous creative possibilities afforded when the journey becomes the destination.

”I wanted to make my own mood board; to be inspired by what is happening in the moment,” says Lucia Pica. She captured fleeting, photographic moments to find fresh nuances for color and visual textures that could inform the Fall / Winter Collection.

The journey’s end was in downtown LA, where Lucia Pica spent the day.

”Enough nature and poetry – I was inspired by grittier locations, too.”

As befits the freedom of a road trip, effortlessness is key to the collection, too: Lucia Pica also introduces a long-time dream of hers; a PALETTE ESSENTIELLE containing three key products to offer a modern touch of natural polish in the form of creamy concealer, highlighter and blush used also for lip and cheeks. And a renewed focus on brows with new STYLO SOURCILS WATERPROOF eyebrow pencils offers a sophisticated way to frame and define the face.

CHANEL’s Fall / Winter Collection is about the memories, emotions and connections that color can inspire – an exercise in broadening horizons, in every exhilarating sense. 

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The centrepiece of the collection, the PALETTE ESSENTIELLE takes the idea of effortlessness in beauty and redefines it for modern women. Available in three shades Beige Clair, Beige Médium, Beige Intense, each palette offers a 3-in-1 of new products which come together in one sleek, handbag-friendly compact. Together, they combine to create a fresh, glowy complexion all day long with that essential touch of refinement and polish.

First, and the most generous of the three, is a concealer, “to use where you need it,” says Lucia Pica. She chose to make this the largest so that you could use it both to start the day and for touch-ups throughout. Unlike many concealers, its feeling is one of comfort and sophistication: it has a creamy, balmlike texture, which glides comfortably over skin. Spherical particles blur imperfections and create a flattering, soft-focus effect.

Next, a highlighter: an essential offering of pure, radiant light. The gliding, creamy formula leaves a delicate touch of luminosity on skin; nothing too shimmering or obvious; the high concentration of pearlescent particles provide a modern way with which to play with light.

Finally, a moment of color. A melting, creamy blush created to bring a translucent flush of color to cheeks and lips, creating a fresh and healthy look to the complexion. Each palette contains a buildable blush specifically chosen to work with the corresponding skin tone, the beautiful final flourish to a new essential gesture for the complexion. If a road trip is a metaphor for the journey through life, then this is surely the essential travel companion.

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