5 Malaysian Beauty Products You Need In Your Life Right Now

You’ve probably heard your friends gushing about these Malaysian beauty products or celebs/local influencers reviewing them on their Instagrams. You might have even seen them selling their awesome goodies at weekend bazaars.  We are ALL IN to support local-made products and we’ve picked out our current faves that you can easily find on Insta!


From bath soaps, virgin coconut oil to face serums — if you’re ever looking for a 100% natural ingredients-infused products for your skincare, Cocolab is the go-to place for your daily beauty supplements.

Wunderbath Co.

Give yourself some spa-at-home treat with these cutie bathbombs from Wunderbath Co. You can also customize your very own bathbombs for birthdays, bachelorette parties and corporate events. Ais Kacang lip balm? Yup, Wunderbath creates local delicacies flavour for their lippies and body butters too.

Potions MY

We visited their booth at a weekend bazaar few months ago and our lives have changed since then. Potions MY products are hand-crafted and freshly made to suit your beauty concerns. Our personal faves are the Emerald Hair Elixir and the Mad Matcha Lotion Bar.

DIDA For Women

We obviously can’t live without matte lipsticks and these babies from Dida are considered as a #NEED by Malaysian girls. There are more than 10 shades to swipe on and if you blink, they’re sold out in a second. Trust us when we say that this matte lip is a MUST-HAVE. #TeamCLEO ‘s personal pick; Dida Velvet Metallic Lip Creme in Coachella.

Buih & Co

Though they look like stone marbles, Buih & Co unique soap bars are just too pretty to allow a single drop of water to touch it. Oh and to tickle your taste buds, they also produce food-inspired soap bars and sugar scrubs like sirap bandung, coconut shake, serai manis, willy wonka and more.