TOP 80 Editor’s Pick: Simple’s Kind To Skin Micellar Cleansing Water

Whether it’s must-have skincare, a gadget that ups your routine or a fragrance that’ll have you falling fast – we tested and tried hundreds of products to bring you top 80. here are our top 80 editor’s pick.


Meet our new beauty BFF, micellar water.

What is it?

A hydrating and multi-vitamin formula removes dirt and impurities from the skin effectively. You don’t have to wash your face afterwards — its hydration properties work as a toner for the skin too.

How does it work?

Almost like magic… Okay we jest. Micelles are attracted to dirt and make-up on the skin, and can remove them without stinging the face or drying your skin. The formula works well for all skin types and removes all types of make-up.


Remove make-up without water? We’re sold. Plus, skin is cleansed with hydration levels boosted by 90%*, giving you a refreshed feel immediately! Bring this everywhere with you!

*Based on a 2014 USA clinical test