Welcoming A New Long Wear Matte Foundation To The Game: The Diorskin Forever Extreme Control

There’s a new long wear matte foundation in town and we want it.

Image: Dior

For this season, Dior has composed a new facet for Diorskin Forever foundation and goes even further in long-wear complexion perfection, fulfilling women’s expectations in terms of texture and skin finish, from the most luminous, to extreme matte.
Peter Philips reminds us that correction, long wear, and a matte finish are the essential bases for any perfecting make-up. But a variety of matte finishes can be created on the skin:

“There is a range of mattes just like there is a range of colours. Today, the matte look is totally refined, as we have mastered it, we can control it, and measure it. It can be extreme, velvety, or luminous – any effect is possible.” – Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Make-up

Thanks to their unique expertise in foundations, Dior laboratories are now presenting – alongside the Forever Fluid foundation – a new, long wear matte foundation: Diorskin Forever Extreme Control.

Like Forever Fluid, the new compact foundation is infused with a “Pore Refining” skincare essence. Each day, this skincare essence targets dilated and open pores, and helps make the skin look more beautiful and smoother, with a more refined texture. Day after day, the complexion looks more beautiful. 

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Diorskin Forever Extreme Control

Diorskin Forever Extreme Control leaves no room for shine and keeps skin under control for an impeccable, extra-matte finish. Even in the most extreme conditions, the foundation offers ideal hold.

Diorskin Forever Extreme Control. RM250 (Refill available at RM190).

For 12 hours*, Diorskin Forever Extreme Control ensures absolute complexion control. This new compact foundation combines all extremes: an extra matte finish, luminosity, long-wear, comfort, and a skincare effect to make skin look more beautiful day after day.

The Diorskin Forever Extreme Control is available in 7 shades: 010/ 011/ 020/ 021/ 023/ 030/ 040

Peter Philips’s advice: “I particularly like to use this compact for touch ups, or to apply a very fine layer over the entire face in the morning.”

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