Welcoming A New Long Wear Matte Foundation To The Game: The Diorskin Forever Extreme Control

There's a new long wear matte foundation in town and we want it.

Image: Dior

For this season, Dior has composed a new facet for Diorskin Forever foundation and goes even further in long-wear complexion perfection, fulfilling women's expectations in terms of texture and skin finish, from the most luminous, to extreme matte.
Peter Philips reminds us that correction, long wear, and a matte finish are the essential bases for any perfecting make-up. But a variety of matte finishes can be created on the skin:

"There is a range of mattes just like there is a range of colours. Today, the matte look is totally refined, as we have mastered it, we can control it, and measure it. It can be extreme, velvety, or luminous – any effect is possible." - Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Make-up

Thanks to their unique expertise in foundations, Dior laboratories are now presenting – alongside the Forever Fluid foundation – a new, long wear matte foundation: Diorskin Forever Extreme Control.

Like Forever Fluid, the new compact foundation is infused with a "Pore Refining" skincare essence. Each day, this skincare essence targets dilated and open pores, and helps make the skin look more beautiful and smoother, with a more refined texture. Day after day, the complexion looks more beautiful. 

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Diorskin Forever Undercover 

As a finishing touch that leaves no room for unexpectedly jeopardizing the perfect complexion, Diorskin Forever Undercover concealer adds indispensable correction. A veritable concentrate of Dior laboratories’ expertise, this intuitive formula isn’t afraid of a challenge: with a single stroke it provides instant camouflage for imperfections, water resistance and 8-hour** wear.

Diorskin Forever Undercover. RM160

A high concentration of pigments for extreme 8-hr** coverage

Perfect correction does not stem from a thick product, but from a very high concentration of coloured pigments. With a 25% higher dosage than in the Forever Fluid Foundation, these coloured particles instantly neutralize imperfections, such as dark shadows, redness, and small blood vessels, and they don’t move. Flawless camouflage provides perfectly even skin that is ideally matte throughout the day.

Diorskin Forever Undercover is available in 6 shades: 010/ 011/ 020/ 021/ 030/ 040

Peter Philips’s advice: “If the skin needs a lot of correction, for example if you have rosacea or acne, I would apply the concealer before foundation, then reapply afterwards if necessary.”

“With a wide range of shades and a matte finish, the concealer can be used to sculpt features, and to accentuate shadowy areas and hollows. For that I choose a shade one or two tones lighter than the foundation.”

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