What We Can Learn From Meghan Markle’s Wedding Beauty Look

For someone who’s not usually into celebrity weddings, I find myself highly invested in royal nuptials. I live for the absence of Insta-famous IT girls on guest lists, the sophisticated decor and most of all, the often classic beauty looks on the brides (and guests!). The recent wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did not disappoint.

While some may have deemed Meghan’s Givenchy gown a tad too simple, I personally thought it did what a wedding dress is supposed to – place the woman in the dress up front and centre, rather than stealing her spotlight. Her beauty look was also a beautiful lesson in restraint thanks to makeup artist Daniel Martin, with freckles on show and wispy hair (c/o hairstylist Serge Normant) in the wind.

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It’s a look I wished more brides would emulate rather than going down the heavily contoured, full-coverage route complete with coloured contacts and multiple falsies.

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I don’t mean to judge, but I think brides do too much on their wedding. Understandably so – weddings are supposedly the one day we can go all extra on ourselves and the temptation to try all of the makeup and call up every celeb-approved MUAs in town. But on the contrary, I think weddings are the perfect time to look like our very best self and leave the experimentation for another occasion. That’s not to say you should go all 50 shades of beige.

Rather, stick to what you feel most comfortable in, just like Meghan did. Commenting on her intentionally relaxed bun, Serge Normant said to the Daily Mail, “I thought something working around the usual angle she has,” he said. “I wasn’t about reinvention. We worked really closely together but there was nothing contrived about it.”

The look was pure Meghan and it reflected her down-to-earth spirit. If you’re one for coloured eyeshadow on the daily, then do a great version of that on your wedding. If you’re never seen without a red lip, get your kissers painted in the best shade of crimson. And if you, like the new Duchess Of Sussex, are known for low-key, understated makeup then don’t feel pressured to go full on Kardashian.

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Don’t get me wrong, playing with directional looks is always fun but I also think your wedding look should capture the very essence of who you are. Besides, you want to spend the day kissing and hugging, laughing and drinking, not worrying about rubbing your foundation off on your S/O and keeping your hair stiff. There’s really no point in caking up on foundation and powdering the day away. If you’re worried about looking on point in photos, just remember that a good photographer will Photoshop your pics before sending them over, and most selfies look great under good lighting anyway.

So let the skin breathe, there’s nothing wrong with a couple of blemishes peeping through and hair that’s a little undone. Your partner’s getting married to a real person, full of life and spirit, not a mannequin. Go easy on the highlighter too. Chances are, you’ll be sweating and that alone will lend a glow. And don’t even get me started on over-contouring. Lack of it will only make you look softer and so much more youthful.

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If you do have money to spend on treating yourself, do it pre-wedding with plenty of massages, blissed-out facials (at least a week before, so you’re not left with a surprise zit on the day), hair treatments and eating well. Chill out and spend some quality time with your loved ones (or alone, whatever makes you happiest) before your wedding. Come the big day, you’ll be excited, rested and happy, and that’s better than any makeup in the world.

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