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Your Guide To The 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine

The Koreans are meticulous and very particular when it comes to keeping their skins clear and flawless. Having been to Seoul a few times, I can personally vouch for the fact that Koreans generally do have clear skin. But how?

Is it in their genes? Is it their diet? Or is it because of their extensive skin care routine?

10 steps sound extremely long, doesn’t it? I barely have any energy left by the end of the day to remove my makeup — what more do a 10-step routine. But I guess that’s the price you pay for beauty. As the Chinese saying goes: there are no ugly women, only lazy ones.

As intimidating as the 10-step routine sounds, it’s actually pretty simple. Some of you may already be doing half of it. To save you from confusion, let me break it down for you.

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Step 1: Makeup Remover

Because relying on a normal face cleanser just won’t do. This is the most important step of all. You should already be doing this, Korean skin care routine or not. Never sleep with your makeup on no matter how tired you are! It can be an oil-based makeup remover (good for waterproof makeup), makeup wipes or even Micellar water — as long as it removes makeup thoroughly.

Dermaclear Micro Water 250ml, RM130, Dr. Jart.

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