5 Reasons Why These YSL Beauté Lipsticks Got Us Swearing Off Matte Lips

In my 11 years as a self-professed lipstick connoisseur, I’ve learned three things: I will never not find it strange to see my own face without a matte red lip, ‘moisturising’ matte lipsticks are a myth to some extent and if your friend/loved one says she’s ‘not a lipstick person’, there’s no changing their minds about it no matter how many gorgeous lipstick selfies you send them.

Lipsticks have been around centuries and they’ve pretty much gone through every phase imaginable; from frost to satin, glitter to powders and everyone’s got a formula they’re loyal to. For the past few years, thanks to Insta-famous MUAs and one Kardashian/Jenner daughter, matte lippies reigned supreme until sometime this year when our attentions shifted towards glossier finishes.

I’ll admit there’s a certain youthfulness that comes with wearing gloss, but is it really worth your hair getting caught in it? Not for me.

Gorgeous new additions to the YSL Rouge Volupté Shine… Which will you pick?

So, thank you, next! In comes YSL Beauté with their Rouge Volupté Shine and Volupté Plump-In-Colour lipsticks, bright and ready to turn even the most anti-lipstick person into a loyal convert. Read on to find out why it’s taken over my everyday make-up stash.

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The Hydration Is Real

Pair your shiny pout with dewy skin and come hither eyes just like Kaia Gerber, YSL Beauté’s gorgeous new face.

*Insert water emoji here* The truth is in the oil-infused formula. YSL Rouge Volupté Shine contains all the ingredients your lips will love, especially in dry, air-conditioned settings.

Think hyaluronic acid to trap in moisture and pomegranate extract that acts as an antioxidant to protect your delicate lips. My lips used to peel terribly after a couple of hours but there’s none of that here. This formula glides on, provides a comfy, plush feeling, and makes me feel like YSL Beauté’s new face, Kaia Gerber. That’s a win all-round.

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