Allison Williams Feels Like She “Broke Up” With ‘Girls’ Cast

Allison Williams feels like she “broke up” with her former ‘Girls’ co-stars.

GIRLS comes back tonight for the last time. Watch. Beyoncé would want you to, and she's very clearly in charge of things. ???10 pm on HBO. "If we're going to heal, let it be glorious."

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The 28-year-old actress admits she has barely seen Lena Dunham, Jemima Kirke and Zosia Mamet since they wrapped up filming the sixth and final series of the HBO show in September.

She said: “I’m still in a place where I’m on a group chat with the girls and we just kind of say, ‘I love you’ every once in awhile, in a way that feels like we just broke up, but we’re trying to stay on good terms. It feels really weird.”

Meanwhile, the star was devastated not to be cast in ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ even though she never auditioned for the new film, which stars Emma Watson as Belle.

Discussing projects that didn’t work out, Allison said: “The thing that comes to mind most quickly did not even come to me. It didn’t even come my way because it had already been taken by someone. But it’s Belle [from ‘Beauty and the Beast’].

“I’m just getting to a point where I can watch the whole trailer, because — no, don’t laugh!”

The newly-blonde beauty has always been a huge fan of the Disney character, telling “Belle is on my retainer. There are Belle flowers on my iPhone. These come from a Belle sticker pack. It’s fine.

“I feel like I am who I am because of her, but maybe that’s too much.

“So when I heard that the movie was being made, I heard at the same time, either because I was late to the news or whatever, that Emma was playing [Belle]. And I had this thought that if anyone has to play Belle, it’s gotta be her. You know? She feels like Belle to me.”


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