Anne Hathaway Receives Walk Of Fame Star

Anne Hathaway has received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The 36-year-old actor was joined by friends and colleagues including her husband Adam Schulman, ‘Ocean’s 8’ co-star Awkwafina, ‘The Hustle’ co-star Rebel Wilson and ‘The Last Thing He Wanted’ director Dee Rees for the ceremony on Thursday (09.05.19), and the ‘Les Miserables’ star admitted the accolade had come during “a good year in terms of artistic growth”.

But she added to Variety: “Mainly, I’m just always confused about all this. That’s kind of my go-to emotion for things like this.”

Anne’s star unveiling came a day before the release of ‘The Hustle’ and she admitted working on the “fun comedy” wasn’t as easy as she expected because she had to master a British accent and improvise with her co-star.

She admitted: “Improv is not my strong suit, especially when trying to stay in an accent.

“I went from thinking this would be a fun comedy job where I got to wear lots of outfits and say really clever things about being mistreated by men to [doing] really hard work in two areas that don’t come easily to me.”

However, the Oscar-winning actress had a great time working with Rebel.

She said: “She can drive a manual Porsche with the greatest of ease while I’m burning out the clutch. Rebel is so much fun, she can pull comedy out of thin air.”

And the feeling was mutual as Rebel, 39, “adored” working with Anne.

She gushed: “Annie is so talented it’s crazy.

“She does drama, comedy, musicals; and I feel like if she wasn’t an actress she could do almost anything else just as well!

“She’s a deeply caring person and much cooler than what she lets on; but I guess you gotta keep some things secret when so much of your life is public.”


*Sourced by Bang Showbiz