Ariana Grande Is Launching Beauty Products Inspired By Thank U, Next

Ariana Grande wants to bring out a new range of beauty products inspired by her new album, ‘Thank U, Next.’

Courtesy: YouTube

As reported by TMZ, the 25-year-old singer had made a trademark application asking to use the phrase ‘Ariana Grande Thank U, Next’ on a series of items.

According to the website, which obtained a copy of her application, the trademark would allow Ariana to use the slogan on products including perfumes, colognes, body lotions, bath and shower gels, body scrubs, body powders, and body mists.

The ‘God is a Woman’ hitmaker has released a number of other fragrances in recent years, and previously claimed she used her ARI scent so often, even her sweat smelled of it.

She said: “I am such a fragrance girl. I spray my perfume before I perform and keep it in my quick-change booth just in case. Because if I put enough on, when I’m sweating, my sweat will smell of my fragrance, haha.”

Meanwhile, Ariana recently urged her fans to “protect” their “peace and energy”.

In a video posted to her Instagram story, she said: “Hi everyone! I’m in L.A. I just finished my first 10 shows on tours and I’m rehearsing for Coachella and getting ready, but I just wanted to say hi and remind you guys to protect your peace and your energy and to not forget to take care of yourselves and protect your space, because we have a lot of work to do here and a lot of family and friends and love and important s**t to take care of.

“I just want to make sure you don’t run yourself to the ground and exhaust yourself. And remember to protect your energy and do things that are good for you. And that you are loved and not alone. You deserve the best there is, and I love you.

“I have a lot of f***ing followers and it’s weird, so if I can use that to spread any kind of positivity or light, I just wanted to send it your way. Remind you life is beautiful if you allow to be and if you put your energy in the right place. So here I am, reminding you.”

*Sourced by Bang Showbiz