Azealia Banks Back At It With Verbal Assault

Azealia Banks swore at a photographer after leaving court on Tuesday (29.11.16).

The ‘212’ hitmaker appeared in Manhattan Criminal Court in relation to charges of misdemeanour assault and disorderly conduct after she allegedly bit a bouncer’s breast when she was kicked out of a Manhattan nightclub, Up&Down, on December 16 last year when staff failed to recognise her.

The outspoken star was on her best behaviour throughout her appearance, but then turned on a photographer who alerted her to the arrival of her car home.

According to the New York Post newspaper’s Page Six column, she shouted: “You’re a s**thead! You’re a f***ing a**hole!”

The paparazzo replied: “You’re welcome!”

In March, Azealia slapped photographers’ cameras as she left court.

The 25-year-old rapper had been due to appear in court on September 25 but failed to appear after missing a flight from Los Angeles, while she missed other appearances due to “health reasons”.

But a judge warned Azealia would be jailed if she failed to appear this time.

The controversial star has previously faced criticism for unleashing a racist tirade against former One Direction singer Zayn Malik.

She wrote on Twitter in March: “Keeping sucking this young rapunxel d**k u hairy curry scented b***h. Imma start calling you punjab you dirty b***h. You a d**k rider for real. Ride this d**k until the wheels fall off Punjab (sic).”

And in August she posted a collage of pictures of Zayn from his GQ magazine photoshoot on Instagram and wrote: “He legit looks like he used to be a girl. He gives me transman teas.”

However, in October, she apologised in an open letter and admitted she was “wrong” to last out.


*Sourced from Bang Showbiz.