Bruno Mars Suspends Concert After Fire Breaks Out

Bruno Mars had to temporarily suspend his concert in Glasgow on Tuesday (10.07.18) night after the stage lights caught fire mid-way through his show.

Image: Bruno Mars (Instagram)

The 32-year-old singer was rocking the stage in the Scottish city last night when organisers ushered him into the wings after the electrical rig started to spark.

A spokesperson for DF Concerts told The Sun Online: “During the Bruno Mars show, there was an incident involving one of the stage lights meaning the show was stopped temporarily.

“Thanks to the quick thinking of our stage team who assessed the situation, this incident was quickly responded to, allowing the show to continue safely.”

Fans were left in a state of confusion when a safety alert appeared above the stage, which read: “This is a safety announcement.

“It is necessary to stop the show temporarily. Further information to follow.”

The concert-goers were initially left questioning whether the show would go on, with many people taking to their social networking sites to comment on the incident.

Jonny Stewart said: “Lighting on @BrunoMars stage just got caught fire mid gig.”

while Hannah Burke joked: “At bruno mars in Glasgow and they’ve had to stop the show because the fireworks set fire to the lights on stage. You could say he’s too hot (hot damn).”

Yvonne Finlayson said: “I’m going to stop attending gigs. Last one @Erasure – air con on fire. Now @BrunoMars – lighting rig on fire.”

And Elle Duffy added: “Bruno Mars has stopped temporarily and so has my life? (sic)”

The fire was sorted relatively quickly and Bruno returned to stage to continue his gig.

*sourced by bang showbiz