Christina Perri Has Given Birth To Her First Child, Carmella Stanley Costabile

Christina Perri has given birth to her and her husband Paul Costabile have welcomed their daughter Carmella into the world and couldn’t be more thrilled by their new arrival.

Captioning a sweet family photo, Paul wrote on his Instagram account:

Paul had previously revealed that the couple wanted to keep the sex of their baby a surprise.

Paul said at the time: “We are [keeping the sex a secret], but it’s also a secret from us. Very much the people I am and Christina is that we’re old souls and old school. In a world of so much technology, we kind of decided to just wait and see what happens because we’d rather be surprised the day of. It’s been an exciting waiting time.”

And the pair had planned to make sure to honour their shared Italian heritage when it comes to choosing a moniker for their little girl.

He added: “We both speak Italian, we both love being Italian. Both our families are from Italy so it’s definitely a big part of us and our family regardless.No matter what the name, we’ll be saying bambino and bravo at our dinner table no matter what.”

Christina and Paul also got married recently and announced the news on Instagram with an adorable snap of the pair dancing together.

*Sourced by BangShowBiz