CLEO January 2017: A Fresh New Look, A Brand New Beat

Whenever I write my Editor’s Note, I always find it tough to sift through all the “exciting” times we go through and pinpoint exactly what I want to talk about. Honestly, ever since I started at CLEO in April, I’ve felt that every month we’ve experienced something totally new and exciting. It’s not like any other job I’ve had or any other magazine experience. Every day, we get to come to work and get up-to-the-hour buzz on what’s new; and we get the latest stuff to try so we can give you our honest feedback. But that’s just one of the many hazards (loves) of the job.

This is another level. The CLEO January 2017 issue is a brand new everything. It’s a whole new look, vibe, fresh new mindset and clear and present coolness. We know you liked the resize for our denim issue and you know what — we liked it too. CLEO will be iPad-sized to fit your life, for whenever you’re on the go. We also know that the website is still your daily go-to. It is for all of us. Whenever I’m stuck for an idea or I’m looking for some information, I click straight away to (I’m not just saying this!). But the magazine will always be your go-to for the best ideas, the hottest reads and the people to know.


CLEO January 2017: The Revamp

We’ve been with you for 21 years. From the nineties, to the noughties, to now. We’ve been absorbing everything we can and drawing inspiration from everything. And now, we’re still as relevant as ever. Pick up our January issue and take a look for yourself — spot the customised stickers we’ve put in throughout the mag, and learn all about our super-cool cover girl, Lily-Rose Depp. It’s not enough that her heritage has earned her much more than a place in our hearts, she’s totally down-to-earth, a hermit, and funny.

We also have an amazing special featuring our city’s coolest next-gen creatives. Seriously, when was the last time you heard about a sound therapist or a woodcut artist? Well, we take you right into their studios. Then, you need to tell us all about the Neo Cleo. Email us at [email protected] or drop us a note on our socials. We’d love to hear from you!

Till next month,

Editor, CLEO Malaysia