Colton Haynes Has Slammed Homophobia In Hollywood

The 29-year-old actor – who is currently engaged to celebrity florist Jeff Leatham – came out as gay last year, and has now taken to Twitter to hit out at the movie industry which he claims treats LGBT+ actors unfairly.

Colton argued that filmmakers often only see the actor for their “personal life”, rather than hiring them based on pure talent.

In a series of tweets posted on Wednesday (30.08.17), the ‘Rough Night’ actor wrote:

However, the ‘Teen Wolf’ actor wasn’t always faced with hardships when it came to securing roles, as he previously said that despite having a “breakdown” when he came out in 2016, he was also given “multiple offers for work”.

When asked during a Q&A earlier this year if it was a challenge to come out, Colton wrote: “It was an intense struggle for years. All the self shame lead me to have a breakdown and i had to quite for a while. Once i came out it all went away. I got multiple offers for work and honestly havent felt better. It changes your life and if someone isnt going to hire me for being born the way that i am…they dont deserve my time or energy. (sic)”

And Colton is “proud” of who he is, and says coming out as gay “changed [his] life for the better.”

He said: “I can honestly say that it takes time to be comfortable enough to come out…it has to be on your own time but when i did…it changed my life for the better! It opened up so many doors for me and i dont have to feel like the elephant in the room anymore. Theres so much support i never knew was available for me and i am so proud to say that i am gay and it hasnt done anything to hurt what i love to do in life. Times are thankfully changing (sic)”

*Sourced by Bang ShowBiz