Ed Sheeran Wants An Elton John Tattoo

Ed Sheeran would have Elton John’s face tattooed on his bottom because his pal is “always asking him to sit on” his face.

The ‘Castle on the Hill’ hitmaker quipped he would prefer to have the ‘I’m Still Standing’ hitmaker’s likeness permanently etched on his behind than that of his pal Taylor Swift’s as he rattled through a number of ‘would you rather’ quick-fire questions.

Asked if he’d have Taylor Swift or Elton John tattooed on his bum in an interview with BeBox Music, he joked: “I reckon Elton’s face cause he’s always asking me to sit on it. He f***ing does; I’m not even joking.”

The 25-year-old singer has enjoyed a close friendship with Elton, 69, for a few years now but admits he still finds it “weird” being able to call Elton a friend.

He said recently: “There are lots of pinch-me moments in my career, and I think the way you don’t turn yourself insane is to just roll with them and don’t think about them too much. But, obviously, it’s weird being able to call Elton a friend.”

The flame-haired singer makes a reference to Elton’s song ‘Tiny Dancer’ in his track ‘Castle on the Hill’ and recently revealed he decided to include the shout out to his pal because he loves the song and would usually listen to it when he is heading home.

He shared: “Well, the ‘Tiny Dancer’ thing is just … I really like Elton’s ‘Madman Across The Water’, it’s my favourite Elton album, and I would usually listen to that driving home. But you can’t drive at 90 where I live, it’s impossible; the roads are too [winding].”


*Sourced by Bang ShowBiz