[EXCLUSIVE] Say Hey To Colde, The South Korean Singer That’s Making Waves


Colde is a South Korean singer with songs that’ll soothe your soul. He started off as a part of the duo Offonoff and then ventured into his own music, solidifying his sound even more.

“Ever since I was young, I’ve always listened to a lot of music and I think I wanted to make my music sound natural.” Colde doesn’t find a need to choose a specific genre to fit into, instead he would challenge various genres and have fun with it.

His logic behind his stage name is simple, it was all about the vibe the word ‘cold’ carried. “The word makes me feel a certain visual feel or atmosphere. Besides, I’ve always liked the word Cold, so I decided to use it as a name,” he mused.


Where do you usually get inspiration for making songs and what else inspires you besides music?  

I seem to be inspired by movies or conversations between people.


Which artiste has inspired you the most?

Pharrell, Kanye West and Chet Baker.


Who would you like to collaborate with?



What is your songwriting process like?

Sometimes we have sessions with different producers, or we take tracks and combine them with our ideas.



How do you think your sound has evolved from Wave to Love Part 1?

Going from Wave to Love Part 1, I feel that the arrangement and composition of the instruments have become more rigid and clean. And as we work with more producers and musicians during our recording sessions, we can tell the difference.


Can you tell us the inspiration behind “Control Me”?

It was actually a term with the meaning ‘as one likes’, it has become a song that expresses more about a person’s position in love.


For Wave, the concept came from wanting a new wave of change. What about Love Part 1? what WAS the concept and what was your general headspace when making the album?

In the case of Love part 1, it’s an album that expresses the moments and scenes of love in puzzle-like pieces.


What’s your fave songs in Love Part 1? And why.

Crash. The word itself and the mood of the song represent the mood of the album I thought.


What song took the longest to write?

It took me a while to work on “Freedom”.


How is the indie music scene like in South Korea? To the people who make their own music, do they encounter any obstacles?

There are very little opportunities for performances in indie scenes, small events, and content creation. We hope that artisets who create their own music will have more performances, content and events to show off their colours.



You’ve got experience as both a producer and performer, do you prefer writing and producing or singing / rapping and performing?

I think I feel happiest and proudest when I’m performing my own songs.


What do you think your makes your music stand out?

When you want to capture the emotions of a scene or moment, it is helpful to remember them with my music.


What are some goals you’d like to achieve in the future?

I want to convey the energy of love and strength to people through music for a long time.