Farewell, Obama. Moments From #ObamaFarewell Speech That Made Us Shed A Tear

#ObamaFarewell got us incredibly emotional for the fact that it’s basically the end of an era. His historic speech in defense of the ‘democratic idea’ as he hinted at the hell Americans were about to face.

Obama reminded not just Americans, but citizens of the world on the value of purpose and of hope in the face of fear.


Image: BuzzFeed

We are no experts when it comes to the US political system but we do know that Obama and the rest of the beautiful family are going to be sorely missed. Obama delivered his farewell speech in the state of Chicago, his hometown, where he also delivered his acceptance speech 8 years ago.


Image: Vanity Fair // Barack and Michelle at his victory speech in Grant Park in November 2008.

These are the moments from #ObamaFarewell that made us almost cry buckets:

When Barack could have made his own rendition of ‘Better Man’ by Robbie Williams.

When Barack had to remind the world that…

The way he dedicates his love to Michelle


When he was just REAL:

Yes. Yes. Yes

When he delivers this kind of optimism


Oh man, oh man

When he reiterated the words of his campaign, 8 years later.

So much love for the Obamas


Us, too POTUS. Us too.