G-Eazy Breaks Silence Following Conviction In Sweden

G-Eazy has broken his silence after being convicted on charges of assault and drug possession in Sweden last week.

The ‘No Limit’ rapper has broken his silence after the incident last week, which he described as the “craziest experience” of his life, after he was arrested in Stockholm in the early hours of the morning, for allegedly fighting with an official at a nightclub in Stockholm.

Eazy – whose real name is Gerald Earl Gilliam – says that he is “grateful” to be a “free man” and to be back on tour instead of behind bars.

He wrote on Instagram besides a black and white photo of himself:

It was alleged that Eazy was carrying 1.5 grams of cocaine in his pocket at the time of his arrest, as well as a “rolled up $100 bill”, which police claimed has drug residue on it.

In the police report, it was claimed that the 28-year-old rapper had admitted to using the drug to cops, before the two bags of cocaine amounting to 1.5 grams was found during a search of the star.

Police also claimed to have noticed “white powder on the nose” of the ‘Him & I’ musician – whose girlfriend Halsey and friend Sean Kingston were also at the nightclub – and reported he showed visible signs of drugs use, including “tense, convulsive jaw muscles,” and described his demeanour as “insane, crazy and rabid.”

The report went on to state that Eazy admitted to having the drugs in his possession during an interview with police, as well as confirming he struck a guard and tried to escape after being detained.

A security guard at Solidaritet nightclub noticed the start of a scuffle in the VIP room of the club, and when he stepped in to intervene, he claims Eazy struck him in the head three to four times, causing “swelling and pain”.

Previously, a video was released which shows Eazy being put into a police car whilst Halsey is heard shouting that she was hit in the face.

It is thought she got struck by a security guard during the altercation, though no further information is known at the time of writing.

Prosecutor Carl Mellberg told a Swedish radio station: “I think that he is probably suspected of violence against an official and that there is also a risk that the suspect will deviate or otherwise avoid lawsuit or punishment.”

The ‘Good Life’ hitmaker will face charges for the incident, but has been spared jail time.

The rapper’s Swedish lawyer Mikael Westerlund told The Blast that he was a “free man”, though it is still unclear what the extent of his punishment – which is likely to include fines – will be.

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