George Clooney: My Kids Have Strong Personalities

George Clooney’s three-month-old twins already have strong personalities, as he says Alexander is a “thug” and Ella is “elegant”.


George Clooney’s children already have strong personalities.

The 56-year-old actor and his wife Amal welcomed twins Alexander and Ella into the world in June, and despite the tots only being three months old, they have already become little characters.

Speaking about his son Alexander, the ‘Suburbicon’ star said: “They start out with a personality right off the bat. [Alexander] is a thug already. You saw him. He’s a moose! Literally, he just sits and he eats.”

In contrast, Alexander’s sister Ella is “elegant”, and George is thankful she is already taking after her 39-year-old mother Amal.

He added: “She’s very elegant, and all eyes. She looks like Amal, thank god.”

The ‘Money Monster’ star also opened up on the couple’s traditional choices of moniker for their two tots, which he said came as human rights lawyer Amal “didn’t want to have really dumb names” for her brood.

He told ‘Entertainment Tonight’: “We figured these kids are going to be looked at a lot and watched and [have their] every move sort of judged, and we wanted them to at least have a break with the names. So we looked for some sort of normal names. We didn’t have any great inspiration. It wasn’t Alexander the Great and Ella Fitzgerald.”

Meanwhile, George previously admitted he “didn’t think” he would be a dad with twins at 56, but praised his wife for her “beautiful” parenting skills.

He shared: “Suddenly, you’re responsible for other people, which is terrifying. Amal’s like an Olympic athlete. She’s doing so beautifully.

“Right now my job is changing diapers and walking them around a little bit. I really didn’t think at 56 that I would be the parent of twins. Don’t make plans. You always have to just enjoy the ride.”

*Sourced by Bang Showbiz