All A-Boy! Grab Your April Issue And Flip Through CLEO’s Hot 50 Bachelors 2017!

If I can be perfectly honestly right here, I never thought I would ever in a million years handle my very own CLEO Bachelors. Another full circle moment — I would obsess over CLEO’s editorials, and whenever I was in Australia I would pick up CLEO, hoping to get a glimpse of their Bachelors spread. And every year, whenever April would roll around, we would always try to get our hands on a copy of CLEO to see the main men heating up the scene.

This year, CLEO is the auteur of our very own box-office themed Hot 50 Bachelors. Buzzing with the very best in pop culture, we took our hot 50 Bachelors to make them big, unreel, unscripted and uncut. From the bleachers of Grease, to the palm-lined avenues of Miami Vice and back streets of Fight Club these boys made offers we just couldn’t refuse. (“I am Lina’s racing pulse.”)

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Voting is also NOW OPEN. Let me break it down for you:

  • Learn all about our boys in our mag! See all our 50 leading men in their Oscars-worthy glory!
  • See them as we roll them out day by day on our Instagram, Facebook and dedicated Bachelors page.
  • CAST YOUR VOTES! You need to log in via Facebook  Vote for your Hot Bachelor and for four different sub-categories, once a day. Voting resets at MIDNIGHT (KL time), so you can refresh, log in and VOTE AGAIN.
  • Come and meet the boys in 3D at two very special events and of course our FINALE. Details are in the mag and will be updated all over our website too! You can meet me, the team, and the boys — let’s be friends!

It doesn’t just end there. And I tell you why — #TeamCLEO doesn’t just think about the trends or what’s conventionally beautiful. If you need to embrace who you are, do it. This month, think fluid and go on a bender. More than just picking up his shirt off the floor, his-is-hers with for-the-boys fashion with bralettes on boyfriend T-shirts, tomboy skirts, his kicks for you, men’s culottes and MORE.

We have grooming hacks for your men (that you can borrow — we know you need to get out of a jam some days) and what is up with the latest crystal health trend? We will get you stoned (the most legal way possible). Hailey Baldwin — that last name sounds familiar right? Shooting to the ranks of the world’s hottest X-girl, she and her supergirl-gang of Gigi, Bella and Kendall are taking over our feeds, and for good reason. Daughter of Stephen Baldwin and niece to Alec, we discover what it’s really like in the Baldwin household.

What are you waiting for? Pick up an issue off stands NOW!

Editor, CLEO Malaysia