Harry Styles Puts His Hollywood Home Up For Sale

Singer-songwriter Harry Styles has put his West Hollywood mansion back on the market for £5.9 million.

The chart-topping star originally put the stunning property up for sale for £6.6 million back in June 2017, but he’s now decided to drop his asking price after he was unable to find a buyer.

Harry, 24, has only owned the residence since January 2016, yet he is already keen to move out of the three-bedroom abode, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean and Downtown Los Angeles.

The luxurious mansion also features a swimming pool, gym, a screening room and a master kitchen, but Harry may instead be keen to spend more of his time in New York, where he purchased an apartment in the city’s Tribeca area last year.

The dark-haired hunk’s most recent property acquisition – which is said to be worth £6.9 million – boasts a 71-foot indoor pool, as well as a gym and a spa.

Despite this, Harry previously claimed that he wouldn’t like to move to the US permanently because he’d soon miss his favourite British meals.

The ‘Sign of the Times’ hitmaker has spent much of his professional life touring the country, but he insisted that there are some dishes that he can’t live without for too long.

Speaking in 2013, he explained: “They don’t even know what toad in the hole or Branston Pickle is. And if you say bangers and mash they’re like, ‘bangers? bangers and what?’ Not good. Time to go home when that happens.”

Similarly, Harry’s One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson also rubbished the suggestion that the boys – who also include Liam Payne, Niall Horan and previously Zayn Malik – would look to live in the US full-time.

Asked about the possibility of relocating, Louis said: “Why would we? It seems like it’s expected of us, but we’re British boys.”

*Sourced by BangShowBiz