37-year-old Jacinda Ardern Will Be New Zealand’s Next Prime Minister

It has been a tough ‘ol week for womenkind all over the world and the Internet. What with an I’ve-been-sexually-assaulted-before hashtag and all the new celeb allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

So here’s a bit of a silver lining. This woman under 40 is set to be the next Prime Minister of New Zealand. Meet Jacinda Ardern.

Picture: stuff.co.nz

She is currently the 37-year-old leader of the opposition party, and has been for the last three months. Her Labour Party came second in the country’s election on Sept 23. The National Party won the most seats, 56, but not the 61 it needed for parliamentary majority. The country’s parliament hung in the balance until yesterday.

Some political things happened — basically a coalition was formed, with her as the head, which rose and is set to be the next leading party of the country. (Source)

The past government was ruled by the National Party, which was in power for nine years, and the current PM Bill English said he was disappointed at the outcome.

But he noted Jacinda as a rising star. “That’s a fairly remarkable performance given that just 10 or 12 weeks ago she was the deputy leader of a failing opposition,” he said. (Source)

TL;DR — a young woman will be ruling a country and it literally gives us all the reason to be bossing it, all the time. And, to never take sh*t from anyone who tries to bring you down. 

Here is a video of this literal #girlboss who will be leading a country in no time.