James Franco Isn’t Very Good At Relationships


James Franco is "pretty bad in the romance department".

The ‘Spring Breakers’ star insists he’s not very good with relationships because he can’t seem to master sweeping a potential partner off their feet with a "grand gesture".

He said: "I’ve been pretty bad in the romance department.

"I think I’m a caring guy, but the grand gestures I’m not great at. I need to put more work into it."

Whilst James is a little unlucky in love, his brother Dave is set to wed Alison Brie next year and James is greatly looking forward to it.

He added to Entertainment Tonight: “He’s supposed to get married in February. I think he’s so casual about it.”

Meanwhile, the 38-year-old actor previously admitted he is “a little gay”.

He said: “There is a bit of overfocusing on my sexuality … and so the first question is why do they care? Well, because I’m a celebrity, so I guess they care who I’m having sex with. But if your definition of gay and straight is who I sleep with, then I guess you could say I’m a gay c**k tease. It’s where my allegiance lies, where my sensibilities lie, how I define myself. Yeah, I’m a little gay, and there’s a gay James.”

Meanwhile, Chris O’Dowd – who appeared alongside James in the Broadway production ‘Of Mice and Men’ – previously admitted he thinks it is James’ “handsome” looks that get him into trouble.

He said: “James is great. I think he’s genuinely trying to do interesting things. Not everybody is. He takes a lot of flak for it, which I’ve never really understood. If he wasn’t so handsome, I think he’d be celebrated much more.”

“We had spoken a lot – him and I – about what he wanted to do next. But I guess he read about Harry’s deal and thought we weren’t interested. My impression was that he wasn’t in any hurry to make a record because he discussed this last year. He was more into songwriting.

“I was teasing him saying, ‘If you come up with a great song Liam make sure it is for you and don’t give it away. When you’re ready I am ready.’ So I was a bit surprised. Of course there is a part of you that goes, ‘Maybe we should have had the conversation.’ That maybe is my fault but it has happened now.”

*Sourced by Bang Showbiz