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Jamie Dornan’s Sexually Open Minded

Jamie Dornan has always been "open-minded and liberal" when it comes to sex.
The 34-year-old actor has reprised the role of Christian Grey for the upcoming ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ movie and has insisted he’s always had a non-judgemental attitude towards the sexual preferences of other people – but admitted S&M isn’t something that interests him personally.

Jamie explained: "It was like nothing I’d experienced before. I’d never seen any form of S&M before this, I had no interest in that world … it doesn’t float my boat.

"I’ve always been open-minded and liberal – I’d never judge anyone’s sexual preference. Whatever gets people off is entirely up to them and there’s a million different ways to please yourself, sexually."

Jamie landed the coveted role of Christian, whose on-screen love interest is played by Dakota Johnson, after Charlie Hunnam chose to quit the franchise.

But the Irish actor has admitted he wouldn’t like to be real-life friends with the male protagonist from author E. L. James’ erotic novels.

He told GQ Australia magazine: “All my mates are easy going and quick to laugh – I wouldn’t imagine myself sat in a pub with him.”

Meanwhile, Dakota recently confessed that her nude scenes with Jamie in the ‘Fifty Shades’ series were “very honest”.

The 27-year-old actress had to strip off for a number of scenes, but insisted it was much easier doing them with Jamie because they had worked so “incredibly closely”.

Dakota said: “Nudity is really interesting for an actor. Jamie and I worked so incredibly closely for so long. There were no inhibitions, and it was very honest, very trusting. But I mean, what a gamble! What if he had turned out to be a total d**k?

“There’s no makeup. There are no clothes to tell you a bit about the story. There’s no jewelry to give you a clue about social status. So it becomes purely about the performance.”


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