Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Are In No Rush To Get Married

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are all smiles as they go for romantic walk in Brooklyn on 12th July 2018 (Image: PC / MEGA)

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are in no rush to get married and want to have a smaller wedding.

A source told Entertainment Tonight: “Justin had been planning to propose to Hailey for a couple weeks before he finally did, and he’s relieved that weight has been lifted off his shoulders. Justin and Hailey are enjoying their time as a newly engaged couple. Justin and Hailey have been telling friends they want to have a smaller wedding, with close family and friends, nothing too over the top. The couple has discussed where they would have their wedding, in either Canada or somewhere in the States (New York or Los Angeles. They’ve thrown around the idea of having it in possibly both, but it’s still the early stages of planning. Justin and Hailey are trying to enjoy the excitement of engagement before fully diving into wedding planning.”

Meanwhile, Justin and Hailey previously revealed they are planning an “intimate” wedding in Justin’s native Canada.

A source said: “They are discussing having a very small wedding. They want something private, intimate. Justin loves Canada and is at home there. It’s a special place for him and he’d love to get married there.”

Justin picked out a specific diamond for Hailey’s engagement ring after seeing her face in the gem.

His jeweller Jack Solow said: “I showed him all the details and all the intricacies like I would give any other 25-year-old boy who would come to the office to buy an engagement ring. He seemed really excited. He was looking inside the diamond with the loupe, and said ‘I think I see Hailey’s face.’ In the end, Justin wanted something that would gracefully accentuate Hailey’s beautifully-shaped hands. We settled on an oval stone that was just exceptional in its length and grace. Look at her hands – she’s exquisite.”

*Sourced by BangShowBiz