Justin Bieber Is The New Face Of A Japanese Phone Firm

Justin Bieber is the new face of a Japanese phone company.

The 22-year-old pop star has joined forces with SoftBank – a multinational telecommunications and Internet corporation established in Tokyo – to encourage school students to take out a monthly contract with the highly-popular brand.

Speaking at a press conference, Justin said through video link: “I’m so excited to be part of this new SoftBank campaign, it’s going to be off the chain first of all, second of time we’re going to have the best time, third of all I love Japan, right? So it’s like all those three things you put them in one and it’s like, BOOM!”

Justin has already filmed his segment in the advertisement, which sees a school girl named Suzu walking through a courtyard at her school before the ‘Sorry’ hitmaker appears on the electronic bulletin board and asks: “Do you have a school discount?”.

It’s not known when Justin filmed his section for the advert but it’s thought he may have met bosses last summer when he was in Japan to play two gigs in Chiba.

Although he’s worth an estimated $200 million, Justin may have decided to take on the promotional job to cover his payout to his former neighbour Jeffrey Schwarz.

The ‘What Do You Mean?’ hitmaker has already forked out $90,000 to Mr Schwarz after he egged his house in Calabasas, Californian, three years ago but now the victim is seeking further damages because he is still suffering with emotional distress.

Last summer, Justin demanded his former neighbour undergo a mental evaluation to prove him and his wife are battling psychological issues as a result of their feud.

Following the egging incident, the ‘Baby’ hitmaker – who moved out of the gated community in 2015 – was sentenced to probation after he pleaded no contest to misdemeanour vandalism.

He was also told to carry out five days of community service at a homeless shelter and fork out an estimated $80,000 in damages to his neighbours.

He was also ordered to undergo anger management counselling.


*Sourced by Bang ShowBiz