Kate Bosworth Inspired By Sam Riley

Kate Bosworth is so "inspired" by her ‘SS-GB’ co-star Sam Riley, she wants to talk about him all the time.

Kate Bosworth attends a photocall for the world premiere screening of BBC One drama SS-GB, London, UK

The 34-year-old actress stars alongside the ‘Control’ actor in new drama series ‘SS-GB’ and she is so in awe of her co-star, she wants him to be her main topic of conversation with all the people she meets.

She said: "It’s a great show. It’s with Sam Riley, who’s amazing.

“Have you ever worked with him? I’ve found him so inspiring that I want everyone to meet him, just so we can all talk about him.

“So ‘SS-GB’ is fantastic, but it’s really intense. It takes place in a world where Great Britain lost World War II and Nazis rule the UK. It’s like a parallel universe.”

And Kate thinks there is a lot to learn from watching the wartime saga, which is set in an alternative 1941 where Nazi Germany is occupying Britain.

She told Elle.com: “I think it’s become more important to have shows like ours. We need to keep stories about the Nazi regime on the air. We need to look at what people allowed to happen within their communities, and we need to learn from it.”

The actress thought the show sounded like a “really daring” project when she first signed on, so was surprised when it began drawing parallels to the current political climate.

She said: “Of course, when I signed on for this show, it was before the election. I didn’t think I was signing onto something that could be interpreted politically. I thought I was signing onto a really brilliant, really daring fantasy series. I didn’t think I’d have to speak about politics in the context of this show, you know?”


*Sourced by Bang Showbiz