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Khloe Kardashian In Love With Tristan Thompson

Khloe Kardashian is "in love" with Tristan Thompson.

Happy New Year!!! May you always be surrounded by the love you are deserving of! May Gods blessings continue to rain on us all! ❤️

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The 32-year-old reality TV star has been dating the 25-year-old basketball player for the past few months and has confessed that she is head over heels for him.

Writing on her website,, she said: “At this moment, a few days into 2017, I feel incredibly clear and probably the happiest I’ve been in years. It’s such a great feeling that I have my happy back! It’s from a genuine place and the most peaceful place I’ve been in for longer than I can even remember. I think maintaining this peace and happiness is my biggest goal for the new year.

“I think when you’re in love you definitely feel happy and healthy too. I like that my relationship is very normal and doesn’t need to be so public all the time. People aren’t wrong for putting all of their personal business out there, but I’ve learned from my mistakes and don’t need to do that anymore.”

Khloe also admitted that she has cut down on her use of social media because she wants to be “in the moment” but still plans to keep in touch with her fans.

She explained: “Recently, I’ve pulled away a little. So much tough s**t has gone down in my family over the past year that I’ve removed myself from social media a bit more and focused on what’s important in my life.

“I want to be in my moment a little more going forward. I still want to share my life with people, because I have such amazing fans that I love connecting with through my app and social media. I think being able to share my life in a way, while still keeping so many great memories for myself, is a sign of maturity and evolution.

“So going into 2017, I wish you all a happy, peaceful year and hope that you live your life the way you want to!”


*Sourced by Bang ShowBiz

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