Khloé Kardashian’s Family Are Jokingly Giving Tristan Thompson A “Hard Time”

The basketball star was seen seemingly kissing another woman just days before his partner Khloé gave birth and whilst the couple are now back together, Khloé’s mother and sisters have been joking around with Tristan about what happened.

Image: Kim Kardashian’s Instagram

A source told People magazine: “He is spending time with her family. They have jokingly been giving him a bit of a hard time. Like, ‘we are watching you!’ But otherwise, everyone is being respectful and focusing on catching up with Khloe. Khloe is so happy being a mom. Everyone just wants her to stay in this happy bubble for as long as possible.”

Earlier this week, Khloe broke her silence on staying with Tristan after his alleged infidelity.

A fan, who goes by the name “Queen Persia”, tweeted:

*sourced by bang showbiz