Lana Del Rey Has Revealed She Is Writing A Musical

American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey has revealed she is writing a musical.

Lana Del Rey Attends the Brit Awards 2016 held at the London O2 Arena.

The 32-year-old singer-songwriter has revealed she’s recently been approached about penning a Broadway musical, and Lana expects to finish the production in two or three years’ time.

Looking ahead to future projects, Lana shared: “I was asked to write a musical, which I’ve started. It was for Broadway. I may finish in two or three years. Me and Rick [Nowels, her frequent collaborator] have written something, so we’ll see.”

Despite this, Lana isn’t sure who she would like to see play herself in a biopic based on her own life.

She told L’Officiel USA: “I’m thinking a big picture here, because I love Baz Luhrmann. Not sure who would play me though.”

Lana is one of the best-selling artists in the music world today.

But the chart-topping star – who considers herself to be a spiritual person – has revealed she is constantly asking herself difficult questions.

She explained: “I believe you are your own doorway to an understanding of something greater. I never think of how I can get bigger or better, I just think, ‘How can I go deeper? How can I know myself more so that I’m a clearer conduit for whatever else is in the ether?’

“Meditation’s a big part of my life. I was already doing that when I was young, thinking about what I wanted to do, things I wanted to manifest. And most of it was about the written word.”

Lana also revealed that writing has become an important “channel” for her thoughts, as it allows her to have an important “dialogue” with herself.

However, the American star doesn’t consider herself to be a “truth seeker”.

She said: “I really like to channel through writing in my own small way. I don’t consider myself a truth seeker in that way. I’m just my own dialogue.”

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