Miley Cyrus Is Changing How People View Sexuality

The controversial pop star Miley Cyrus was widely criticised earlier in her career for her raunchy music videos and outspoken comments, but Miley believes the public should focus less on her antics and instead concern themselves with the more serious problems in the world.

Miley said: “I’m doing what I need to do. I’m working in my community. I’m changing the way people view sexuality. I’m working with suicide prevention programmes.

“I’m feeding people that don’t have food to eat. I’m doing my part as a human. You better go do your part if you’re gonna even have one little opinion about what I do. You better be doing some great things for your community.”

Miley, 24, concedes that her attitude makes some people uncomfortable.

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But the chart-topping singer has no regrets about her past behaviour, saying it’s her intention to be a “punk”.

Speaking to NPR, Miley explained: “If you don’t p**s somebody off, then that’s not punk rock, I guess. But I wish people wouldn’t be p***ed off.

“There are so many real, true, problems in the world. If people would take their angst and their opinions and actually do something besides worry about what I’m doing. I’m a pop star. I’m good: I have a house, I have a roof over my head, I have food to eat. There are people without those things.”

Miley urged her critics to use their time more constructively by campaigning for social change through political avenues.

The ‘Wrecking Ball’ hitmaker – who has been a vocal supporter of the LGBT community around the world – said: “Go and use your time and your opinion wisely, and get mad and call your senators about the things that matter.”

*Sourced by BangShowbiz