Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Tell Kids They’re Having ‘Kissy” Time

Busy parents Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have admitted they get it on when their children are home and call their antics "kissy time".


Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban say they’re having "kissy time" if their kids interrupt them during sex.

The 49-year-old star admitted that when daughters Sunday, eight, and Faith, six, interrupt their bedroom the couple use the funny term to shoo them away.

In an interview on SiriusXM Radio, she spilled: “[We tell them] mommy and daddy need to have kissy-kissy time.”

Meanwhile, Nicole – who also has adopted kids Isabella, 24, and Conor, 21, with ex-husband Tom Cruise – revealed the couple’s eldest daughter Sunday is a budding actress and has won a part in her school play.

Asked whether she had help picking her gown for the Palm Springs International Film Festival, she told E! News: “My daughter just got cast in her school play. So that’s been the main priority, learning lines with her.”

Although Nicole and Keith may have regular “kissy time” the actress admits she suffers with the same worries that many women do in relationships and gets “anxious” when the country music singer doesn’t answer his phone.

The ‘Lion’ actress will keep “calling and calling” when her 49-year-old spouse fails to acknowledge her attempts to get through to him, but she knows her insistence on ringing until he finally picks up is “terribly demanding”.

Asked her pet peeve, she said: “When people say they will do something and they don’t. And I know it’s terribly demanding, but I don’t like it when my husband doesn’t answer his phone. I have to keep calling and calling, and I get anxious. Does that make me high-maintenance?”


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