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Ooh La La – Watch The New ‘La La Land’ Trailer Here

For all you old-school Hollywood musical lovers out there, you are in for a treat.

Our favourite on screen-romance, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are back – and this time, in the form of a Hollywood-musical masterpiece that will make you go “ooh la la”.

A musical that has already received rave reviews at the Toronto International Film Festival, “La La Land” marks as the third film that the two have co-starred in.

The on-screen chemistry that the dynamic duo possess makes us wish it were only apparent in real life — get married, already! 

Let Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling take you through a musical journey as they play a struggling actress and musician who share a common ground: the need for artistic fulfilment. Their fight for their dreams cause them to fall in love in the very heart of a city known to be ‘Where Dreams Come True’ – Los Angeles.

Courtesy of: Lionsgate Movies Youtube Page.


Let the film’s captivating cinematography whisk you back in time to vintage Hollywood. Prepare to bask in song & dance that will leave you groovin’ and wanting more.

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