Priyanka Chopra: Women Need To Stand On Their Own Feet

Priyanka Chopra believes women need to have the opportunity to "stand on their feet" and to prove themselves as independent figures.

The 34-year-old actress thinks females should be allowed to be treated as equals to men and should have the chance to prove they can be independent figures and be the best version of themselves to help fill the gap between different sexes and races.

Speaking to ET Online, the brunette beauty – who has partnered with the fashion house GAP on their new campaign titled Bridging the Gap alongside ‘Black and Yellow’ rapper Wiz Khalifa and former model Christie Brinkley – said: “There are so many gaps in this world that need to be filled.

“Women need to be given an opportunity to stand on their feet and do the best they can for themselves.”

And the ‘Baywatch’ star – who plays the role of villainous Victoria Leeds in the comedy action film alongside Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Zac Efron – believes acknowledging people’s differences doesn’t need to be turned into a negative comparison, but can be celebrated to help empower everyone regardless of their upbringing or skin colour.

She added: “Celebrating our differences doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to be different. Celebrating our differences is being proud of where you come from, but engulfing other people who are different than you into your world.”

The former Miss World champion – who won the beauty pageant in 2000 – thinks the current generation of people and younger children “need” to have “relatively evolved sense of thinking” to help prevent further prejudice in the future.

She explained: “We, in this generation, and our children going forward, need to have a relatively evolved sense of thinking, which goes beyond race.”

*Sourced by Bang Showbiz