Production Resumes On House Of Cards Without Kevin Spacey

The 58-year-old actor was booted from the Netflix show – in which he played Francis Underwood – after he was accused of making sexual advances towards actor Anthony Rapp when he was just 14-years-old and production was suspended.

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But now actors are back on set including new additions Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear, who will join the show for its sixth and final season.

Back in November, it was revealed production on ‘House of Cards’ had been suspended further.

A letter sent to those working on the show by Media Rights Capital and distributed to press stated:

“As we move into the holidays, we want to express our appreciation for all of the meaningful messages of support we have received from you and want to update all of our loyal cast and crew on our progress and where things currently stand. We continue to work with Netflix with the hope of resuming production soon. As we continue these discussions, we have determined together that the crew will be paid for an additional two week hiatus – beginning on November 27th and continuing through December 8th.

“In addition to the writers, there will be a small contingency of office/accounting staff who will remain in the production office on a continuous basis. Our hope is that the entire crew will be able to reconvene when production resumes, but we want you to know that we will certainly understand if crew members need to find other work in the interim, which will prevent them from re-joining us. We sincerely appreciate all you have done. Cast and other union members who are not actively working will be paid in accordance with applicable union guidelines through this period and we will be reaching out directly to your representatives to work through the details; we will get to everyone as quickly as possible and appreciate all of your patience here.”

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