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Reasons Why We Can’t Stop Lusting Over Mark Ruffalo

Born in Wisconsin, Ruffalo attended school there and off to Virginia after. The beginning of Ruffalo’s career began when he started taking theater classes after his family decided to move to Los Angeles, where he found an interest in drama. You’ve seen him countless of times on screen; You Can Count On Me (2000), 13 Going on 30 (2004), The Kids Are All Right (2010), The Avengers (2012), Spotlight (2015) and many more.

Over the years of fame, Ruffalo has often used it as a pedestal to discuss issues close to his heart, from anti-fracking to Standing Rock Tribe’s opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The actor and humanitarian has us screaming for his sexy-scruffy charisma. He’s the neighbourhood average Joe with a lot of wise things to say and we can always make time to stare into his beautiful eyes. All. Day. Long.

13 Going On 30

His whole character in this movie amplified the hots we already had for him up to a thousand notches up!

Fan-Girl moment over Paul Rudd

An iconic moment at Comic Con. This is probably us IRL if we ever saw Mark… or Paul. Or both of them. Now. Please?

The Avengers

He was literally the most adorable Hulk we’ve ever laid our eyes on. His chemistry with the rest of the Avengers was impeccable too!

The Kids Are All Right

Ruffalo’s donor dad character was the ultimate DILF. The unpretentious scruffiness makes us blush. BOOM! Pregnant.

Cheeky kiss with Meryl Streep

His on-point reactions always get to us. I’ve never wanted to switch positions with Meryl this bad.

To end this beauty of a post, shout out to Mark Ruffalo for turning 49 years young yesterday on November 22nd!

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