Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Enjoyed A Pre-Valentine’s Day Getaway

The on again off again couple were spotted enjoying a weekend away to California, staying at the stunning and luxurious Montage Hotel.

A source said: “Justin and Selena had a driver take them down to Laguna Beach on Saturday afternoon. Justin has been to the Montage several times before and always loves going there for a quick getaway.

“They took a walk on the path in front of the resort that overlooks the ocean. It was a cloudy day, [so] they didn’t spend too much time outside. Justin was showing Selena around and checking out the beautiful view.”

The lovebirds spent their Sunday at the pool, until word got around that they were there and they had to make a swift exit.

The insider added to E! News: “They were casually dressed and very low-key. They both sipped on water and talked. Once people started to notice them it got a little crazy, and people all over the resort were talking about them and coming to take photos. They decided to get up and walk over to the spa area where they could have more privacy. They didn’t come back to the pool and stayed inside for the rest of the day.”

Meanwhile, Justin, 23, is said to be feeling “lucky” that he has rekindled his romance with the ‘Bad Liar’ hitmaker.

The insider shared: “Justin wants to be a better man because he doesn’t want to screw things up with Selena. He knows he’s lucky to have this second chance and he’s not taking it for granted. And the truth is, this ‘transformation’ hasn’t been all that difficult for him because he wants it. It’s true that you can’t change someone unless they want it, and he wants it now. He knows what’s at stake … Selena is 100 percent the reason Justin turned his life around. She’s the one that got him involved with church and that opened up a whole new group of friends to him too.”

*sourced by bang showbiz