Taylor Momsen Doesn’t Regret Quitting Her Acting Career

Taylor Momsen doesn’t regret quitting her acting career because it was never her "passion" to be in front of the camera, as she always wanted to pursue a future in the music industry.

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The 23-year-old former ‘Gossip Girl’ actress’ career in front of the camera was never her true “passion” in life and since forming her band The Pretty Reckless in 2009 she has never looked back.

The blonde beauty – who is joined in her group by guitarist Ben Phillips, bassist Mark Damon and drummer Jamie Perkins – told The Washington Times newspaper: “It wasn’t my passion at all. Music was my passion, and I really needed to focus on that full-time. Acting was just a job. I quit and haven’t looked back.”

Although Taylor – who is the lead vocalist in the group – is the only female in the band she does not feel like she is any different to her colleagues, and has described the foursome as a “big family”.

She said: “We’re all a big family at this point, so there’s no secrets.”

And Taylor feels comfortable enough to share dressing rooms with her bandmates.

She explained: “We share a bus and we share dressing rooms. It’s very much a family. In one way, the longer you’ve been doing it, the more challenging it becomes because you get so used to the grind. But at the same time, it becomes easier because you’re more familiar with it. Touring is like a second home in a way because we’re on the road so much.”

Although the vocalist has revealed there are moments when things become tense when they are travelling, she relies on moments of comedy to keep her sane.

She explained: “I think comedy is the salvation on tour. You have to laugh about everything. And if you get into a spat or something goes wrong, at the end of the day, you have to laugh about it and make jokes.”


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