The 10 Most Cliché Instagram Posts

Is it even possible to sit down to a nice, hot latte with pretty, creative latte art without whipping out your phone to slap a few filters on it and post it on Instagram? We think not! Everyone needs to know what you’re drinking, where you’re drinking, who you’re drinking with and what you’re wearing while drinking, because you simply can’t miss out on your daily #ootd shots and 50 or so likes.

We’ve rounded up the most cliché posts on Instagram you can find on Instagram. Avoid these for a shot at the IG-OG title.

The Airplane Wing Shot

plane wing

Because you just have to show everyone that you’re on a plane going somewhere while everyone else is stuck at work staring at your view through their phones. Also clouds are pretty.

The #ootd Shot

Once in a while is fine, but nobody wants to know what you’re wearing every day. Nobody really cares.

The Manicure Shot

Yeah, so you got your nails painted. And…?

The Selfie Shot

“I wasn’t ready!” Or, *insert pensive thoughts probably copied off some personal enlightenment website*

The Mirror Shot

There’s no one around to take a picture of your #ootd, so what better to do than take a picture of your reflection in the mirror? Problem solved!

The Latte Art Shot

Most likely comes with the caption “too pretty to drink!”

The Lying By The Beach/Pool Shot

The shot where you try to show off that you’re at the pool/beach, but you actually just want people to see what you look like in your bikini without uploading a full frontal bikini shot. Plus, why not show off a kosher-esque crotch shot while you’re at it?

The Cat Shot

Oh lookee my cats aren’t doing anything particularly interesting at all but I still need to take a picture and show you what they’re doing cos they’re so cute OMG my head’s gonna explode from all this cuteness that I need to share it with the world cos they need to see how cute my cats are come here Fluffyyyy *head explodes*

The Food Shot

Ruining diets and instilling hunger pangs since 2010.

The Deep Quote Shot

“I don’t really want to tell people exactly what’s going on in my life so instead I’ll put up a very vague quote in hopes that someone will ask if I’m ok.”

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