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8 Thoughts He Has When You Don’t Text Back

Guys are not as nonchalant as they make themselves out to be. And to prove this we asked a bunch of guys the thoughts they have when a girl is not texting back. The result? They range from hilariously paranoid to angrily spiteful. Check it out…

Maybe she’s in the shower. But it’s been half an hour. Crap, what if she’s slipped and bumped her head? – Syed, 29.

She’s playing hard to get isn’t she? Ugh. Why do girls insist on playing games?! – Johan, 26.

I can’t even see her last online status. Did she disable the blue ticks thing too? Maybe she’s asleep or something. Wait, she just went on a like spree on Instagram. Not cool, man, not cool… – Aizat, 28.

I get that answering a text within minutes of it being sent looks a lot like desperation, but it has almost been an hour. – Shahzeeq, 27.

Maybe you should text her again, bruh. (And again, 5 mins after that)

Where can she be driving to that she can’t text me back after two hours? China?! – Johan, 24.

I’m so over this. Okay I’m not. Waiting over 15 minutes to respond is just bad manners, especially since I can now tell when you’ve read a message. – Hakeem, 20.

Hah! If she ever responds I’m going to wait two weeks to reply, “What’s up?”. – Hamid, 26.

She lost her phone. That’s the only possible explanation I have. That thing is practically chained to her wrist and she never puts it down. – Will, 25.

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