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5 Ways To Be Irresistible To Guys

It’s hard to find that balance between being seen as someone who puts in an effort and someone who is simply trying too hard. I can hear it in my girlfriend’s voice: “Girl, why are you doing that? Chill! If he likes you, he likes you. Just be yourself!”

Okay so maybe there’s more wisdom in our friends that we might initially give them credit for.


Without having to resort to concocting dodgy love potions – or having to do much at all – we tell you how you can be irresistible to guys. And you’ll be surprised, being irresistible isn’t as much about playing games, manipulation or forcing yourself to be someone you’re not.

From the horses’ mouth, ladies!

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Guys can see through your act if you’re trying to be cool. It’s contrived and lame, so you might as well be unapologetically you
“You know that Gone Girl monologue about cool girls? Yea, cool girls are not that cool. Be your own kind of cool. Because you don’t want for your true self to eventually appear and someone gets murdered. But jokes aside, someone who is unafraid of being herself will have the guys flock to her like a moth to a flame.” – David, 32.

Damn straight, girlfriend! (via GIPHY)

Embrace your femininity.
“Tap into your soft, gentle, graceful side. Wear a floral dress every now and then. I mean, don’t get me wrong, being a strong, confident feminist and all that jazz is totally cool. What’s not cool, is abrasiveness. Girls who are not just rough around the edges but rough all over. Let a bit of girlishness seep through and I assure you, you’ll start seeing men become putty in your hands.” – Kenneth, 25.

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Being confident is more than half the battle won.
“I read somewhere that behavioural psychologists found that body language makes up for more than half of the communication, and I think it’s true! Like confidence is key. The guys who are worth your time (yes, some guys won’t be worth the time of day or night!) would fall head over heels for a woman who loves herself and knows her worth. Just don’t be vain about it.” – Jin, 27.

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Keep the drama on TV and not in real life!  
“The biggest turn off to a guy is a drama queen. We all have stresses in our life and having a relationship with someone who only adds to the stress because of the little things we do is not at all appealing (no matter how good the sex is!).” – Shawn, 29.

The power of the “manja”.
“You know how a lot of girls get away with things once they flick on that innocent-little-girl switch? I have watched countless girls get away with shit from their boyfriends by just tapping into that manja quality. If my girlfriend wanted something and pulled that, I’d see through it, but still give in anyway. It’s like magic!” – Kade, 28.


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