CLEO Hot Bachelors 2018: Abdul Hadi Bin Yazid


Always seeking new ways to push himself physically, adrenaline- and health-junkie Abdul Hadi isn’t just another meathead. He’s all about testing the limits of gender stereotypes, too. Are you up for that challenge?

How did sports become such a huge part of your identity?

Well it was always embedded in me to be active, but I was overweight during my junior and high school years. One day, it began to become a big issue in my life and knew that I had to make a change for myself. I started off slow by just trying my best to run as much as I could in front of my housing area; I began to eat healthier and live actively. That’s when I started initiating ideas to my friends on going for hiking, basketball – anything that would keep us moving on our feet. After half a year, I WAS HOOKED!

T-shirt, bomber jacket, jeans and watch, Hadi’s own

What sets you apart from other instructors?

I like to get to know my clients in and out, not just physically but emotionally too. That gives me a deeper understanding of who they are, thus being more able to create a personalised plan that caters to their needs.

Never procrastinate, be disciplined and always stay active. Being healthy is something you can work towards but it won’t happen in a blink of an eye. Re-evaluate your lifestyle, make proper changes and do them all, today.

– On Hadi’s three fitness rules he would never break.

Who in your family are you closest to?

My little sister who’s always been the baby of the family. Being open with her is important because I’d get to know who she hangs out with, and make sure she’s smart about the things she gets into.

What would you change in this world?

The shortage of jobs. In the era of being underpaid and overwhelmed with high costs of living, people need jobs more than ever. If I could find a way to provide jobs for people or help them put food on the table, that’d be the best feeling in the world.

The biggest challenge to finding “the one”?

Given that social media is the chosen source for most things, I think the biggest challenge in this present-day society is to be able to look past the surface. “First impressions” aren’t always how we first meet anymore, but how we perceive them through their online profiles. That makes finding “the one” a little bit harder because more time and effort would have to be put into getting to know that person on an intimate level.

Would you identify as a feminist?

Yes, feminism to me means equal respect towards both sexes, and no one is above the other. It means giving women the physical freedom and support to do anything they wish to be. Not only that, feminism can also empower men with the right to be a housemaker if they wish to be one! Feminism breaks many stereotypes about each gender and I’m all about that.