CLEO Hot Bachelors 2018: Ayzad Fauzi


Passionate about our local buildings and skylines? Look no further than Ayzad Fauzi, an architect who not only loves our local heritage but is always up for a good challenge. He might be a real charmer but that doesn’t stop the butterflies in his tummy when a girl flashes him a smile.

How would you enhance the Kuala Lumpur skyline?

If I could, I would want to preserve our old buildings to keep our authenticity and identity. There’s nothing wrong with being modern but we also need to remember our roots, culture and originality.

What kinds of building would you add to our society?

I would love to design a theatre hall. A contemporary exterior complimented with classy interior and high tech acoustics to push the boundaries of our performances, and be a place for great talents in our arts and music industries to flourish.

Denim jacket, Levi’s; T-shirt, jeans and watch, Ayzad’s own.

In two sentences, tell us who you are.

I consider myself as an adventurous person. I like the satisfaction of conquering my own fears and experiencing new things in life.

And a person who truly understands you would know that you’re a…

Competitive person.

Is there a piece of advice that you always keep in mind?

Leonardo Da Vinci used to say “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” and I’ve been holding on to that.

How do you spend your free time?

I’m interested with psychology, so when I have free time I’d love to learn about the human behaviour.

Discrimination and body shaming. We’re living in a society where everyone wants to be skinny or have fair skin tone. I think instead of being insecure about our size or skin tone, we should inculcate confidence, individuality and walk with our head held high.

– The cause that Ayzad deeply cares about.

What do you like most about first dates?

The first moment our eyes lock onto one another, and seeing the first smile grow on her face – that would awaken all the butterflies in my tummy.

In 5 years, you will…

Be certified in Part 3 in architecture and hopefully, living in Greece.