CLEO Hot Bachelors 2018: Charleston Chai


If you think being able to play one musical instrument is cool, Charleston Chai has mastered three musical instruments. Spend your days discussing music with him and you’ll never be bored as he speaks with passion. He believes that music is a window into his personality and emotions and is what he uses to express himself.

What is your passion?  

Music. I play three instruments: saxophone, drums and guitar. When I’m making music, I’m able to express myself and let go of the stresses in my life. Music is a window into my personality and emotions. 

Who are on your “most recent” playlist?

“Besame Mucho” by Diana Krall; “Against All Odds” by Westlife; “I’ll Stand By You” by Pretenders; “Boss” by Lil Pump, and I kid you not, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” because I played it for my four-year old drum student. 

It’s not much a person, but the word “humility” – the word I live my life by. I’ve learned and experience the need to be humble and selfless towards one another. With this, I feel more comfortable talking to anyone when there is no discrimination and judgment towards the other and treating everyone with equality. This has also gotten me true friends that I can live with.

– On Charleston’s biggest teacher.

In what, would you want to be an expert?

Dancing would be it. I’ve always been fascinated by how cool it looks to be able to dance and make it look so effortless. Watching Bruno Mars’ Grammy performance recently just made that urge flare up again!

What energizes you and brings you excitement?

If I’m being really frank, it’s sleep. Getting enough rest, and recharging when I need to gives me energy to be quick on my feet. Without it, I’m like a zombie extra from The Walking Dead. 

Hawaiian shirt, Levi’s; Varsity jacket, Charleston’s own. 

If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

I’d use it to improve my saxophone skills. I’ll also take the time to plan my future and monitor the things I need to achieve in order to succeed the five-year plan . One more thing, I’ll use the extra time to strengthen my prayer life.

What is your favourite memory with your siblings?

I’m the youngest of the family and along with my two elder siblings; we recently planned a surprise party for our parents’ 25th wedding anniversary. We all dedicated a song to my parents and the saxophone skills came in handy.

What’s the most rebellious thing you’ve ever done?

Scrolling pass every agreement term without reading anything and ticking the box with the ‘I have read and understood all the agreements above’.