CLEO Hot Bachelors 2018: Jeff Lau


Jeff Lau is a part time illustrator and a full time ultra marathon runner. Being an ultra marathon runner, Lau can run up to 560 kilometers so try your best to outrun this man. Fitness might be a big part of his life but he also has a love for illustration and has a few illustration books in stores.

Tell us a little bit about what you do.

I run my own design studio, Vegetabird Studio, and we’ve worked with several corporate companies and designers like YTL, Evian, Eric Choong. I also design my own brand stationery, Mr. Vegetabird. Work aside, I’m an ultra marathon runner.

How did you get into ultra-running?

After the nine-month recovery for my knee operation in 2013, I was committed to using fitness to do something positive for the community. It was then my friend suggested I join the Ultra Marathon in the Sahara desert, a 250KM run and raise funds for charities.

Sweater and watch, Jeff’s own.

The biggest changes in your life since you started investing in this passion?

My perspective of the world. The few races I’ve done, I’ve come to know many people out there who aren’t as lucky as us, who doesn’t have beds, water and food. I’ve learnt to be more grateful of what I have and be more involved in charity work.

My first run was in the Sahara desert and I complained frequently throughout the seven-day trip. It was not until I met a blind participant who just kept smiling, and running, that I was reminded of my intention to do the race. So I shut up and ran too.

– On Jeff’s best running memory.

Your top three fitness rules?

Always listen to your body and never take advantage of it; run for yourself and follow your own pace and make sure you choose the right running shoes for your feet by personally testing them out. Never base your purchase on a stranger’s review.

What is a cause you really care about?

I was appointed by the Ministry of Health as a Red Ribbon Youth Icon to raise awareness on safe sex. There’s an increasing number of young Malaysians who are HIV+ and that’s because there’s a lack of proper sex education in Malaysia. From my point of view, it doesn’t matter who you’re having sex with, as long as you do it safely.

Country life, beach life, or city life?

Countryside, because I love nature. One day, I wish to have my farm so I can have my own garden with vegetables and fruits, with a pond of fish.