CLEO Hot Bachelors 2018: Leslie Png


Optometrist Leslie Png has a good eye (geddit?) for art and fine details. In his spare time, he enjoys dabbling in the art of photography; the idea of capturing a moment that will last forever gets him going. The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and Leslie is no different, ladies.

In two sentences, tell us who you are.

I’m a strong believer in keeping my passion going on and I’ll achieve my goal one day.

Tell us a little bit about what you do.

I’m an licensed optometrist by profession and I work part time in an optical shop that provides comprehensive eye examination as a primary eye care practitioner. I’m a photographer by passion that does food, event, portrait & travel photography on a freelance basis. I’m a beach lover and sucker for nature.

As a photographer, what do you like to capture most? Why?

I love capturing the moments of every living things, how they react with each other whether it’s between humans or humans & animals. I also love finding the beautiful sides of every single thing and capture it as a memory.

It will be getting more and more competitive and to really stand out, I need to work harder on the content that I create each day to make it unique and attractive or people will start lose interest in looking at my feed.

– Leslie’s thoughts on the next phase of social media engagement.

How do you keep your trademark aesthetic while keeping things fresh?

As long I keep things creative and different but always portray a very positive message to everyone, I guess that would be enough because I find it no point to share negativity or sadness with the world and spreading it around, it’s not healthy.

Tell us about where you grew up.

I grew up in Kuching, Sarawak. It’s a very lovely and clean city full of friendly citizens. My high school was one of the best five years that had happened in my life; it was full of my amazing friends and family and the best friends that I’ve made during high school are still my best friends now, they are irreplaceable.

Printed shirt, H&M; T-shirt, trousers and sunglasses, Leslie’s own. 

Your mom’s best advice?

She trusts me on everything I do and have done as long I think it doesn’t disappoint her.

The way to your heart is through…?


What’s the habit you’re proudest of breaking?

Eating supper.

When I was in Paris last year and the moment I stood in front of Eiffel Tower looking at it with my own eyes. I couldn’t believe what I saw was something that I would only see from the TV screen and it was so huge and magnificent. I was stunted for a good few minutes looking at every corner of it despite things around it can be quite dodgy.

– Leslie’s favourite memory.

What are the three things every man needs in his closet? Why?

Comfortable underwear, because it gives me the security. Perfume cause I need to make sure I smell good every second. Lastly, at least one decent suit that fits almost every occasion because that shows I am grown enough to be needing a suit.

Are you a collector of anything? Can you give us an example?

I love collecting postcards.

Is there anything you’d change about yourself? Why?

Forgetfulness. Cause it has created a lot of problems in my life because I tend to forget things here and there.

What are some of the causes that you really care about? Why?

Lifestyle, because work-life balance is very important for me as one could never enjoy without working enough to pay the bill and could never work without having fun in their lives. First appearances because it’s what we present to every new and old friends we meet. Putting on branded stuffs all over our body doesn’t mean we are presentable, it includes what we wear and our personalities on how we portray ourselves can affect how people see us. Food because it’s my need and it makes my life a lot more interesting by hunting for variety of food everywhere.