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CLEO Hot Bachelors 2018: Lucas Teng

LUCAS TENG, 23, junior writer

Need an Instagram boyfriend to take #OOTD shots for you? Lucas Teng not only has his camera ready at all times, but stays camera-ready. Who doesn’t like having the best of both worlds?

In two sentences, tell us who you are. 

I’m an extroverted introvert who is passionate about the arts and culture. I believe that art is good for the mind and it feeds my creative soul.

What kinds of photos do you like to capture most?

Urban photography used to be my main thing. But recently, I find myself capturing more candid and personal moments with my disposable film cameras.

Taking street photos as I stand in the middle of Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo. Being drowned out by the crowd in the busiest intersection in the world was the absolute best feeling.

– On Lucas’ favourite memory.

What’s a dream you have that you’ve yet to achieve?

I want to produce and publish my own photo books, with a compilation of my favourite portrait shots and street photography that’s close to my heart.

Logo tee, jeans, jacket and sneakers, all Lucas’ own

What’s the one thing about you that surprises people?

That Mandarin is my mother tongue and I graduated from a Chinese independent high school.

In what, would you like to be an expert in?

Musical production, so I can produce an album. But first, anyone wants to start a band with me?

If you didn’t have to sleep, you’d be…

Binge-watching films from the 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s. Blade Runner, Akira, and Spirited Away, just to name a few.

Where do you want to travel solo?

New Zealand. Life seems to be more chill and content when one lives so close to nature. It’s a much needed change of pace for me at the moment but there’s no way I could stay there forever because I’m a city boy.

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